Kendra Athy, a teacher and native of Ohio, obtained her B.A. in Art from Wittenberg University.  Although her primary medium is oil, she also produces works in pencil, pastels, acrylics and watercolor. 

While her artwork continually evolves in style and subject matter, Kendra strives to achieve a sense of realism in her paintings.  She may loosen the brush strokes, losing the visual details, but retains the realism in the true hues of shadow and light.  Or she may push the limits with color, and yet keeps the subject matter within the spectrum of realism.

In an attempt to avoid commercially-responsive artwork, much of Kendra’s subject matter is selected “in the moment” or captured during her travels to later be revisited on canvas. These inspirations are what attribute to her eclectic selections.  Each painting has a story behind it; bringing it to life is less of a process and more the sharing of the story, and is what encourages her to paint so passionately.  “It is most rewarding,” she says, “when a patron senses the artist’s emotion and connects to the painting in the way the artist does.”  

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